February 6, 2016


City Beach caught up with newlyweds  to ask them a few questions about their special day.

How did you both meet?

We met all the way back in 2001 as teenagers. We were friends for a long time before we started seeing each other.

How did he pop the question?

On New Years Eve in Noosa. We had booked an amazing room right on the beach with the best views, and I was just about to get ready for our New Years Eve dinner. He got down on one knee in the hotel and of course I said yes! What he didn’t know was that I had already accidentally discovered the ring box in his back pack a few days earlier. It was a tough few days wondering when it was going to happen! We had the best New Years ever, and called our family to tell them once midnight hit.

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 What type of wedding did you plan, what was your theme?

I guess just a classic, clean theme. Sharon from Shique Floral Design did an amazing job with our bouquets and styling the venue in gorgeous white flowers. Very much a white wedding with touches of navy blue.

Which quirky features made your wedding unique?

I don’t know if its quirky as such, but having a live band was a huge thing for both of us. We love music and neither of us have ever been to a wedding with a band! We booked Press Club Band from Sydney, and had a 7 piece band play through the whole night (including a great brass section). It created the best atmosphere and everyone keeps commenting on how fun the band was, the dancefloor was packed all night.

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Where did you hold the ceremony?

We were married at Edmund Rice Chapel. Chris went to school there and had told me how beautiful the chapel was, our photos from the ceremony look amazing. We didn’t look anywhere else.

Why did you choose City Beach?

City Beach was perfect for us. We both have big families so needed somewhere we could all fit (which did limit locations) but as soon as we went to an open day at City Beach we knew it was for us. The staff have been attentive and friendly through the whole process, the prices were great for our numbers, and the location and views are unmatched.

What was the most memorable moment from the day?

Everyone tells you the day goes so quickly and it really does. Everything is a blur! But one of the funniest moments though was when we left the reception and got McDonalds drive through on the way to the hotel. I imagine seeing us checking in to the hotel in a wedding dress and suit with a cheeseburger and coke was a sight to see! It was nice finally sit down alone and relax and talk about the day.

What was it like dealing with Wedding Coordinator Hannah?

Hannah was so great. She is friendly, informative and has some really good suggestions when you are stuck with things. It was a pleasure to deal with Hannah and the whole team, they really know what they are doing and take the stress out of planning.

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What’s your No.1 go to song that had to be included in your playlist?

We gave the band pretty much free reign to play whatever they felt was right depending on what mood the reception was in. They did a great job of it too. The only song we had to have was our first dance called ‘Lullaby’ by The Spill Canvas, a song we have both loved for years. The band learned it for us and did an amazing job of performing it on the night!

Any advice for couples about to tie the knot?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. No one will remember or care about what stock paper your invitations are, or if the chair sashes match your colour palette. When it comes down to it, nothing matters except that both of you turn up on the day and are happy together. After all that is what the whole day is about!