November 19, 2016

How did you both meet?

Our mutual friend who also became my maid of honour introduced us while I (Colette) was still finishing year 12 in 2010. It was not until my last HSC exam was over that I would let him ask me out, then I was feeling impatient and told him to ask me! We were both shy but we blossomed and grew together very quickly.


How did he pop the question?

His best mate (and best man) James pretended that his car had broken down at a secluded spot, Rory being a great friend and mechanic cut our date short and rushed to his aide while I tagged along. However when we got there he quickly walked me down to the Kogarah Bay wharf and knelt down. It was freezing and the wind was so strong that I could hardly hear him; I knelt down facing him and heard him ask if I would be his wife. I said yes! He gave the thumbs up to James who brought down champagne and glasses for us. It was fun and special which has reflected our relationship ever since.

 What type of wedding did you plan, what was your theme?

A bit traditional, very classic fashions with purple and bling featuring prominently! Anything that glittered and shone was welcome while the stationary, flowers and decorations all fitted to the purple scheme. The weather was great and allowed the relaxed side of things to suit the sea-side setting perfectly!

Which quirky features made your wedding unique?

Our centerpieces used water jelly beads around pillar candles in the City Beach hurricane lamps. Each table had a different colour and the guests loved them! The sense of humour from our families and bridal party made it a truly memorable and hilarious night.


Where did you hold the ceremony?

Our ceremony was held at Wollongong City Art Gallery among stunning pieces of modern and historical Australian art.

Why did you choose City Beach?

We both love the ocean but the risks of an outdoor venue were troubling us, so City Beach offered the best of both world with its generous balcony and floor to ceiling windows showing our guests the breathtaking view. City Beach also brought the class and glamour that we were after, with very professional and understanding staff to help our dream wedding become a reality!


What was the most memorable moment from the day?

There were many special moments however there is one that will stay in our minds forever. The last song of the night was Marry You by Bruno Mars, when it came on Rory and I found each other on the dance floor, slow danced and ended up singing to each other. We used to do this years ago whenever Just The Way You Are would play and it felt like we were the only people in the room despite photos which prove our groomsmen were boisterously circling us. Finding a moment of tranquility in one another is something that can be hard to do, but it helped us to put the whole day in perspective and keep these memories which will last a lifetime.

What was it like dealing with Wedding Coordinator Leanne?

Leanne was so understanding of all the little, individual things that can put stress on a couple planning their wedding. She helped us work through each step and answered any questions that we could think of. We highly suggest City Beach and Leanne to any couple looking for a relaxing and reassuring process towards their big day

What’s your No.1 go to song that had to be included in your playlist?

We had quite a few however R&B favourites like Low (Flo Rida) and This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan) seemed to get most of our guests dancing. The Timewarp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show was another great one which everyone knew the steps to.

Who was your photographer for the day?

Boyette Zapata from Asset Photographers did an amazing job, he captured great moments throughout our day which we have not stopped looking at since!

Any advice for couples about to tie the knot?

Do not let your stress out on each other, it is one day, even though it is an extremely important one, you have your whole lives ahead of you and this is not worth fighting over. Also, don’t feel like you have to get around to everyone, you might miss a chat with some guests but they will understand.

Finally, and most importantly -Take a moment to separate from the crowd at your reception, stand back and watch everyone mingling, dancing and having fun. The night can be a blur otherwise and you will wish you had paid more attention.