January 12, 2016


City Beach caught up with newlyweds  to ask them a few questions about their special day.

How did you both meet?
We both went to the same Primary School but found each other again on Facebook.

How did he pop the question?
We both popped the question!
I was first. We were visiting his parents while they were living in Malua Bay. We went down to the beach and sat on a rock. Graham worked out what was going on by this point and so he asked to move as he’d seen a dead seagull. We moved to another rock and I asked to which he said yes.

Graham then decided that it was the a guy job to do the asking. So he had laid out some clothes for me one afternoon after work, we went to dinner and then Graham surprised me with tickets to a burlesque circuit. Afterwards he drove me around blindfolded to the spot of our first kiss and then asked me to marry him.

What type of wedding did you plan, what was your theme?
We just planned a romantic, family-centric wedding. We didn’t have a theme but Graham did have a strong opinion about including his favourite colour purple.

Which quirky features made your wedding unique?
We had a few things:
– My father-in-law organised for the DJ to play Bohemian Rhapsody and our 65+ guests all sang along to the entire song. The MC even called out one of the staff (Daniel) because he wasn’t singing along. There were air guitar solos and one of the groomsman took his hair out of his ponytail and started headbanging during the instrumental.
– The skeleton key chart. Which took a good 16+ hours of work. I cut out all the cards for the keys and personally drilled the 100+ holes for the keys to hang on.
– Graham’s wedding cake topper which was a lego bride and groom
– The handmade personalised colouring books for all of the kids with pictures of Frozen, A bug’s life, Star Wars and Disney Princesses.


 Where did you hold the ceremony?
We had our ceremony at the beautiful Illawarra Rhododendron Gardens.

 Why did you choose City Beach?
The location was a big plus. Being from Canberra we wanted to make sure we got a venue that was a decent size, with a good package that we could adjust for our guest numbers and it had to have a great view.

 What was the most memorable moment from the day?
I think it was probably during the ceremony when it started raining. I had been paranoid that it would rain for about three weeks prior and Graham had insisted that it wouldn’t so we wouldn’t need a back up plan. As it started to spit five minutes into the ceremony all I could do was laugh and I looked at Graham and said ‘where was plan B?’.

Your favourite funny story from the night?
I think the Bohemian Rhapsody sing along with all of our guests tops it.


What was it like dealing with Wedding Coordinator Hannah?
Hannah was wonderful considering she came in halfway through. We had dealt with Amy prior and she was wonderful.

Any advice for couples about to tie the knot?
Just take some time after the ceremony with just the two of you and maybe five minutes at the reception to just soak it in. It goes so quickly that you want to just take a minute to soak in what has just happened.

& Lastly

What’s your No.1 go to song that had to be included in your playlist?
Shut up and Dance! It was our first dance song and is very much us!

Photos by Eliza Jade Photography