11th January 2021
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Private Moments

Why you should definitely do a room reveal ...

We often hear from our couples post-wedding and a common theme is about how quickly the day went, and that in amongst chatting to all your guests you overlooked one small thing…. each other!

That’s why we love the concept of a room reveal. But what is a room reveal we hear you ask?

Usually just the couple and lead photographer enter the reception room, for our couples this means emerging from our curtained entry into their reception room for the first time and seeing the breathtaking reception room they have created.

We appreciate how much time, thought and love is put in to creating a reception room with wow, and more often than not it is the guests who have the opportunity to appreciate this ahead of the couple.

Hours of Pinterest pinning and the result is often a room bustling with your family and friends, discarded jackets slung over those Bentwoods you coveted for so long, haphazardly placed handbags and wine rings on stunning silk table runners.

Take back that moment and steal back a few more with your newlywed.

Room reveals also provide our couples with a precious moment of privacy, to reflect on the life-changing ceremony which just took place and to capture these thoughts and feelings in your *heart-eye emoji* faces – we promise these will be the most romantic photos from the day.



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