11th June 2021
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The benefits of natural light in your event space.

As an event organiser there are likely many aspects of a function space that you need to consider when searching for the right function space; space & layout, packages, location, accessibility & parking, services and amenities, audio & visual, accommodation, to name a few. But do you consider the availability of natural light? Unfortunately this is often overlooked but its benefits to delegate mental wellbeing should make it a top priority.

Poor lighting can cause eye strain, headaches and fatigue, to name a few. Protecting the mental health and wellbeing of delegates is one of the most important priorities for event organisers. 

The benefits of natural light in the space

Exposure to overpowering artificial lighting for extended periods can lead to concentration levels dropping. When looking for the perfect meeting or conference room, therefore, taking advantage of premises with lots of natural light should be a top priority.

Increase productivity and focus

As event organisers we all want our meetings and conferences to be engaging and productive. And while the content is important in encouraging attendance, the hard work could be wasted if the right room is not selected.

Boosting the amount of natural light that delegates are exposed to helps delegates focus better. Studies show that those who spent more time in daylight feel more alert. With improved focus and alertness, organisers will notice that those attending these events will be more productive.

Feel more connected

Some of the health benefits of natural light are linked to the fact that humans feel a need to be connected with the natural environment. 

At City Beach our two event spaces feature floor-to-ceiling windows capturing the magnificent ocean outlook – flooding the rooms with natural light. Furthermore, the pillarless design showcase unobstructed views from all placements and private balconies to revel in the fresh sea air.

Encourage engagement

Further studies explore that natural light at work leads to people feeling more switched on and willing to collaborate with others. Creating an engaging environment which encourages those within it to work together as a team.  

A boost in team working and communication results in better collaboration of ideas between delegates.

Final thoughts...

Choosing a meeting room with high levels of natural daylight can increase concentration levels and should be a key consideration when selecting your next venue. When you combine daylight with natural breaks and energising tasks, you will be able to create an environment which puts productivity and the mental health of your delegates first.

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