23rd February 2022
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10 Reasons to LOVE Winter Weddings

October to February is often considered the height of wedding season when the weather is (usually) warm and sunny. But is this really the best time of year to get married?

Here’s our top 8 reasons for getting married in Winter;

❤️ Better Availability & Lower Rates

Most venues and vendors book up quickly during the summer months and come with a premium price tag, whereas those same locations and vendors are available for a lower price during the cooler months (But this is Australia people, we’re not busting out the snow boots & balaclavas just yet). Another bonus? You're likely to get your wedding pics back faster as your photographer is less slammed in the summer/spring months

❤️ Bonus Inclusions 

To bolster winter trade you will find many vendors offer extra inclusions to couples wishing to tie the knot in less popular months. So not only is Winter usually the lowers rate, but you also get stacks of extras to sweeten the deal.

❤️ European Honeymoon in Summer 

International borders have finally reopened...LET'S CELEBRATE WITH A EUROPEAN SUMMER! We know, you can just get married in January and wait 6 months, but there’s nothing quite like leaving on that wedding high (and letting your family and friends clean up the reception styling *evil laugh*), and by the time you get back… Yay, your photos are back from the photographer and you are sun kissed and ready for Aussie summer!

❤️ Those Pink Sunsets

Think these sunsets are a luck of the draw? Think again!

It’s actually quiet scientific.

⁠The colours of a sunrise or sunset are based on how light is entering and traveling through the atmosphere. So, when it's hazy out, the sunrise or sunset colours will be more muted. When the air is crisp and clear, these twilight hours will offer up more vibrant colours and turn your wedding photos from gorgeous to DIVINE!

❤️ No hot mess

Cooler weather means it’s easier to keep your cool… Perfectly coiffed hair falls flat in humidity, the smoothest of manes can be frizzified and don’t mention the melting make-up.

❤️ Less chance of rain

Did you know that the lowest mean number of rainy days in NSW fall between June – Aug? #Mindblown

❤️ Reduce Wedding Fatigue

Let’s face it, attending a wedding as a guest can be expensive. If you’re close to the couple there are pre-wedding events (Showers, hen parties, bucks weekends), add in the cost of a new outfit and you’re already considering an overdraft before you slip a few pineapples into the card. Relieve the financial burden for guests by holding your wedding in winter when social calendars are quieter and everyone has time to recover financially before Christmas.

❤️ Less stress

With less chance of rain, ease of booking coveted vendors, lower cost and that European honeymoon to look forward, we guarantee the planning process will be a breeze!


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