8th March 2022
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Tips to master a rainy-day wedding

Rain on your wedding day; It’s one of the most feared situations for many couples. But should it be? Absolutely not!

Hours spent scrolling through Pinterest, creating boards that bring your wedding dreams to life. Most brides spend more time planning their special day than they’d care to admit (Guilty). From the location, to the colour scheme, to the flowers – the day is planned out to a T, but one ultimate question remains…what will we do if it rains?

With the right wedding coordinator, venue, planning and attitude, rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 5 ways how…

☂️ Find an expert, organised and empathetic wedding coordinator

The skillset of your wedding coordinator can be the make or break of your special day. Wedding coordinators are your saving grace…there’s just one catch, they can’t control the weather. They can, however, help provide the best alternatives possible if your ideal plans are affected by less-than-ideal weather. Additionally, make sure to feel like you ‘click’ with your wedding coordinator. After all, they’re the ones you’ll trust to bring your wedding hopes to life.

Expert tip: Finding a venue with an in-house wedding coordinator ensures you are working with someone who knows their location from the inside out.

☂️ Discuss the venue’s options and make sure to have a wet weather backup

In the initial planning phase, discuss your wet weather options and ensure there is a stress-free, equally beautiful alternative available with your selected venue. It’s always the best idea to ensure the package you purchase has a wet weather backup included in the price and you know exactly what that alternative looks like. Make sure you and your wedding coordinator are on the same page about your hopes for the day and don’t be afraid to ask questions!!

Expert tip: When Pinterest’ing, also make a board for your rainy-day back up and try to achieve a cohesive theme that’s easily transferrable from your Plan A to Plan B.

☂️ When selecting a wedding photographer, ask to see their ‘rainy weddings’ portfolio as well

Every good wedding photographer knows that overcast weather brings a whole new feel and electricity to photography. Before you get your heart set on a certain photographer, make sure you see their rainy-day work as well! Not only will it give you some insight into their creativity, but it will also allow you to gain some inspiration should you be shooting in wet weather.

☂️ Visualise your wedding in rainy-day photography

When considering your ‘dream wedding’, don’t just picture your set-up outdoors. Picture dreamy wedding photographs snuggled up to your S.O. under an umbrella – just the two of you inside a rainy-day love bubble. When you recognise the beauty that is rainy day wedding snaps, the idea won’t seem quite so disappointing. Trust us.

Expert tip: Want to gain some inspo? Check out our ‘Rainy-Day Weddings’ board on Pinterest here!

☂️ Be open-minded

You’ll still be married to your best friend. Your friends and family will still share a special memory with you. Focus on the positives. Visualise and dream about an indoor, rainy day alternative as well, so it’s equally as exciting as your plan A. Your day will be beautiful – don’t let the weather rain on your parade (pun intended).


There’s more good news! ALL City Beach Function Centre ceremony packages include a wet weather alternative. Our picturesque ocean-view rooms provide a rainy-day alternative that is sure to make you smile.
To find out more about our premier beachfront venue and to chat with our in-house wedding coordinator, give us a call on (02) 4228 3188 or email weddings@citybeach.events


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